Fern haven Dementia Support

Fern haven Dementia Support

Fern Haven, a Haven for Peace and Security.

At Fern Haven, we understand the unique needs of older individuals living with Dementia. Our specially designed facilities provide secure support and a comforting environment for our residents. With our dedicated team of caregivers, we ensure that each and every person receives the personalised care they deserve.

Located within the Rangiura Retirement Village, Fern Haven offers a tranquil space where residents can find solace and companionship. We believe in fostering a sense of community and independence, while always prioritizing the safety and well-being of our residents.

Fern Haven has been specifically designed for older people living with Dementia and who require secure support.  It is based on the Household model of care, creating a small intentional community for a group of people requiring this level of support and incorporates family and staff.  It is based on the concepts of the Green House Model.  For more information on the Eden Alternative Greenhouse Project click here.

We can support Residents in our Fern Haven unit in a total of 16 rooms. All rooms have ensuite facilities and we have a kitchen, dining area and open plan lounges.  It is a unique building capitalising on innovative concepts of providing support and has won awards both nationally and internationally being one of kind in New Zealand.

Discover Fern Haven today and experience the difference we can make in the lives of individuals living with Dementia.